Want to know how food can assist with pregnancy and the best foods for your child? Looking for a strategy to get your teenagers eating the right foods at home? Is your team lacking the spark and not delivering the results you need?

Your practitioner at Food Pharma conducts a number of community, family and corporate nutrition workshops and programs to answer these questions and more…

First 1000 Days – Mums And Bubs CafĂ© Talk
(Includes coffee & cake at a cafe of your choice- 10 adults maximum.)

Lunch Box Bullies
Primary School Seminar
(at a cafe of your choice)

Primary School Canteen
Healthy option upgrades

Round Table Family Talks
(In clinic / 90min)

Reservation Suburbia
Cooking Class
*contact for details

Detox Program Plan
*contact for details

Short Term Weight Loss
Nutrition Program
*contact for details

Long Term Goal Program
(6 month food plan)
*contact for details


We are all about HERO FOODS!
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