You know when your team is not delivering the results you need or that they are capable of achieving. Perhaps you have tried some things that usually put you back in control and the team back on track, but it’s not working.

The Food Pharma can help your organisation rediscover mental toughness, cognitive performance and team success. Book a corporate service to align your goals and their health to deal with them. It will outline the basic principals to help them have the energy to achieve the best from their body.

“Staff Health Checks”
Nutrition At Work Workshop – Powerpoint presentation 60 minutes – improve your vitality and ability to perform under pressure.
(Improve the bottom line in more ways than one)

“Staff Health Checks”
One-to-one Staff Nutrition
Consultations (15min)
includes follow up ‘Action Plan
plus 3 month weekly nutrition tips
sent straight to your phone/inbox
*contact for details…approx $900 for 12 staff