Food-A Love story gone wrong!

Are you having a healthy a relationship with food? I’m only a call away if you identify with any or all of these relationship woes.

1. You have contempt for your meals, constantly wishing you had more time, skills in the kitchen, money or will power to make a better choice.

2. You have mealtime regrets. You find yourself in conflict, scolding yourself about what you choose to eat.

3. There’s chronic infidelity. Having made a decision on a diet, then breaking it, cursing your lack of willpower.

4. You find yourself eating food in secrete.

5. You ravage the chocolate instead of the commitment you made to kale.

6. You sabotage your positive resolutions after experiencing the benefits of whole foods, and set yourself back with fast foods and cheap wine.

7. You can’t admit that there is a problem with food. You distract yourself saying “I’ll work on it later, when I’m (fill in blank – older, married, single, finished with an assignment, on holidays, done with the festive season.)”

Stop the cycle of abuse and join me as we repair the lifelong relationship to food you desire. You will love food and food will love you back. What you learn will support and nourish you and generations to come.
I believe that food has been a lot of things in the past, now make that change to really love it for life. Book an appointment at Henley Beach by clicking on the link.